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The types and kinds of technologies available today have drastically changed and improved over the lifetime of the Kamloops Seniors. While many modern technologies may be uninteresting to some seniors, there are many ways that certain technologies can benefit the seniors living in the Kamloops senior communities.

Health Monitoring

There are a number of new gadgets designed to help with overall health. Depending on the condition of the senior, there are devices which can now monitor anything from heart rhythm and blood pressure, to blood sugar and insulin levels, to detecting a fall. These technologies can help medical professionals make better informed care decisions, or provide quicker assistance in the case of a fall or emergency.

Medication Assistance

While new medications are themselves a new technological breakthrough, merely managing when and what to take can be a daunting task. Many Kamloops seniors struggle with keeping track of each medication, when to take it, how much, when to get it refilled and so on. Thankfully, new medication management smartphone apps have made keeping track a breeze.

Staying Connected To Family

Maybe you are not interested in posting a selfie on Instagram or Snapchatting your latest Starbucks latte, but social media technologies has helped make it easier for seniors to stay in contact with busy friends and families. Although video chat and messaging is not replacement for a good old-fashioned face-to-face visit, it does give the opportunity to stay in touch with a loved one in between visits.

Keeping Mentally Active

Technology can also help seniors to stay mentally active. Using a computer to play a game has actually been shown to help with mental cognition and keep the brain active. There are also lots of digital exercise and movement games available for when it is just too cold to go for a walk.

Whatever you think about new and changing technologies, the benefit they have provided seniors cannot be understated. It will be interesting to see what the next 10 years brings for the Kamloops senior community.

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