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Some of us love the holidays and for others, the holidays can be difficult and stressful. In today’s blog article, we would like to offer you some tips on self-care during the holidays for seniors.

Get Enough Sleep

Most people in North America don’t get enough sleep for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reasons are, make an effort to get enough sleep because you will feel better if you do. Everything in your body from your mind to your circulation works better when you have enough sleep.

There is something called “sleep hygiene” which can help many of us develop better sleeping habits. They include things like not taking in any caffeine after noon (chocolate has caffeine!) and not using a backlit device like a computer or tablet for a couple of hours before bed. You can always tape that old movie you want to watch or watch it on-demand during the day.

Eat Well but in Moderation

There are lots of food temptations during the holidays, and we should all enjoy them—in moderation. Eating lots of fatty or sugary foods isn’t good for any of us. Enjoy them, but a little at a time.

We’re not suggesting that you deprive yourself, just that you remember to eat more plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables which will give you a lot more nutrition than chocolate brownies. And please drink lots of water. No matter how much fun you’re having remember to hydrate yourself. We can get dehydrated even inside a heated building.

Think of Yourself

Do the activities that you want to do. Think of yourself, and concentrate on what makes you happy, whatever that is. Plan to be around people who make you feel good, and avoid those who make you unhappy. It’s okay to say no, if you don’t feel like doing an activity.

You may have lots of activities planned during this holiday season, but look after yourself first. Make yourself ready for a happy and healthy new year.


The Hamlets at Westsyde is a long-term care and assisted-living community in Kamloops, BC, Canada. With a full range of services, and compassionate care based on the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets at Westsyde helps seniors live a fulfilling life. 

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