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As the population ages and more and more couples plan to enjoy their twilight years together, those people are asking the question of how to live together as seniors. Is it possible for a couple to stay together, through thick and thin, when medical issues start to arise?

The short answer is yes. But there are some complicated questions that come with it.

First, what do both people want to do? Any decision has to be mutual and that can lead to a very frank discussion about what each partner wants. If only one person requires living in an assisted living community while the other doesn’t, is it possible to be together while living apart? Can the couple afford to maintain two residences? Many couples find that this living arrangement works better for them, but they both need to agree to it.

Second, are you ready to handle the downsizing? Assisted living facilities are great–they allow couples to live together in suites, keep the feeling of independence, but also have continual medical coverage. But moving from the family home to a one-bedroom suite will force you to give up a lot of your possessions. Senior couples have to decide just what things are important enough to keep. After a life of accumulating, getting rid of things will be a challenge.

Finally, what are your individual needs compared to your shared needs? Yes, you’ve probably already talked about this when you were living in your family home. But now that you’re in a smaller space, with more people living around you, those needs may change dramatically. Not only are your health needs changing, you social needs are changing too. With so many things to do in your assisted living community, whether it’s in Kamloops or somewhere else, you’ll want to discuss these changes with your partner.

Living together as a couple can be just as rewarding in an assisted living community as anywhere else, so have fun and enjoy!

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