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When enjoying the benefits of living in a senior care community, it is important to remember to reach out and stay in touch with loved ones. Social distancing limitations due to the COVID 19 have changed the way that we stay in touch, however keeping in contact through letters, emails, phone calls, or video conferencing are great ways to stay connected. Maintaining those relationships benefits our emotional and physical well-being.

Social connection is good for the body and the mind

Humans are social creatures, and maintaining social connections is essential to our health. The absence of meaningful social interactions has been found to increase the risk of a wide range of medical conditions, making it extra important to ensure we stay in touch. Maintaining our social bonds improves our mental health and makes us feel happier and more connected. It allows us to feel a stronger sense of safety, belonging, and security. Socializing also has positive effects on our brain health and has even been found to lower the risk of dementia.

Nurturing relationships with friends and family

Using the phone or computer, it is possible to meaningfully engage with your loved ones outside of the senior care community. Not only will reaching out benefit your own health, but it will show your loved ones that they are cared about and that you are thinking of them.

Tips for maintaining relationships

  1. Create a schedule. Choose times in advance to speak on the phone or video-conference with loved ones. This will help keep the communication regular and ensure you have both set aside the time to talk.
  2. Try a group call. With many video-conference options available now, it is possible to have online gatherings with multiple people at once. This is a great way to celebrate special occasions with family until it is safe to gather in person once again.
  3. Get creative with your calls. Many people are livening-up their interactions by playing board games and cards, or utilizing in-app filters and games.
  4. Use our special “Connect With a Loved One” button on our Home page. This is an easy way to communicate with our residents.

It is as important for residents in senior communities to reach out to others as it is for those outside the communities to reach out to those inside the communities. We encourage both of those types of communication.

The Hamlets at Westsyde is a long-term care and assisted-living community in Kamloops, BC, Canada. With a full range of services, and compassionate care based on the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets at Westsyde help seniors live a fulfilling life. 

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