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British Columbia has created a database called the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry. Caregivers registered in this database are known as BC Registered Care Aids and this database contributes to the best residential care in Kamloops residential care communities.

What is a BC Registered Care Aide?

A BC registered Care Aide is a professional caregiver or community health worker who is eligible for employment in publicly funded settings. This means that to work in a government subsidized care home, a care aide must be BC registered. BC registered care aides must adhere to certain professional standards and conduct, or risk losing their license.

How does this contribute to improved care?

Having a registry of caregivers allows for a process to make sure that employers are able to know if any caregiver has past transgressions on their employment record. For example, should a caregiver be terminated for just cause, such as patient abuse, this would be recorded in the registry and future potential employers will be made aware of this.

The registry also allows for standards of care to be made and enforced. This gives a standard that all care aides are held to and expected to follow. While care communities such as Hamlets Westsyde have always ensured they employ only the best care aides, this continues to help make sure that residents receive the best care, inline with resident centered care that Kamloops residents expect.

Knowing that this registry is in place adds another layer of peace of mind for those who are about to make the transition into a residential care community. For those already in one, you can continue to enjoy the fact that you will only receive the best care that you deserve.

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