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Please Note: Restrictions and guidance on visitation are now legally grounded through an order of the Provincial Health Officer (see Visitation and Visitor Appeal and Review Order). Up-to-date expectations regarding the provision of essential and social visits, including the process for resolution of visitor-related complaints are outlined in the guidance published February 25, 2021: Overview of Visitors in Long-Term Care and Seniors’ Assisted Living. To support compliance with the legal requirements of the order and associated guideline Interior Health Authority would like to highlight the following at this time:


  • Facility operators are expected to provide consistent and easy access to information regarding the complaints process and mechanism for appealing decisions related to visitor status. The visitor policy and appeals process, including the contact information for the site administrator and health authority PCQO, must be posted on the facility’s public-facing website and at all main entrances. A copy must be provided to a resident or another person, on request.
  • Facility operators are expected to ensure that an initial response and decision regarding a visitor request is communicated within 24 hours. If visitation is denied, the individual making the request is given written reasons, and notified of option to contact the site administrator for a review of the decision.
  • Individuals can request an immediate review of decisions made related to visitor status. Operators are expected to support individuals with visitation concerns to speak immediately with an administrator or administrator on call.
  • Upon receiving a request for review the administrator or administrator on call must review the concern and provide the individual with a decision in 24 hours to be followed by a written response outlining reasons for the decision within 48 hours. Decisions, along with rationale and supporting evidence, should be documented in the facility’s records (e.g. logbook, resident’s chart/file);
  • Operators are responsible for ensuring that thorough review and consideration is provided, in alignment with provincial guidance, at the operator level prior to further escalation of the complaint.

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