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Health management is important at every age. But seniors have different needs than other populations. Here are 5 health management tips that we recommend for BC seniors.

Eat Well

A healthy diet can prevent lots of health problems. In addition, if you eat well, you will have more energy, think more clearly, and generally just feel better. If you live in a senior community like ours in Kamloops, then there are trained professionals planning a healthy diet for you. However, if you are living on your own, then try to eat a more plant-based diet with fewer processed foods, less meat, and less sugar.

Remember Your Meds

If you are on any regular medication then it’s important to take your meds as prescribed. There are plastic pill trays available to help you remember when to take something, and pharmacies can package meds specifically to help with daily dosing. You can also set an alarm on a smartphone as an alert that it’s time to take a pill. Always take your medications as prescribed and talk to your doctor before making any changes.

Cope With Stress

Stress can be hard on our bodies and our minds. To keep stress in check, try to get some regular exercise, even a short walk. Some simple habits like a few minutes of mindfulness meditation can be very helpful for coping with stress. Stay active so you occupy your mind and body and are not mulling over your troubles all day long.

Get Enough Sleep

Everyone has different sleep needs, but seniors usually need about eight hours of sleep. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, and if you have difficulty falling asleep, cut back on caffeine and time in front of a computer screen in the evening. Sleep is good for you, so don’t stint on it.

Stay Connected With Others

We are social animals and staying connected with others is good for both our physical and mental health. Participate in activities with others. Call or write to your friends and relatives. Don’t isolate yourself. We need each other to feel our best.


The Hamlets at Westsyde is a long-term care and assisted-living community in Kamloops, BC, Canada. With a full range of services, and compassionate care based on the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets at Westsyde helps seniors live a fulfilling life. 

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