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As people age, they tend to become complacent, appearing satisfied with their current situation and sorrounding. The truth is, however, that many people, especially those living in residential communities, yearn for more social interactions and opportunities. Achieving this can be difficult, but here are some helpful tips for connecting with other Kamloops seniors in 2020.

Participate in Planned Programs and Activities

Kamloops senior living at Hamlets Westsyde has a full monthly calendar, offering a wide range of activities. Often, more enjoyable than the activity itself is the companionship and time spent with other seniors. Make sure this New Year that you take a look at the calendar and highlight programs or activities that may interest you. Joining in on these will give you the opportunity to meet new seniors, and develop new friendships.

Engage in a Hobby

You may have had a favourite hobby for years, and perhaps are interested in finding a new one. Whatever the case, having a hobby is a perfect opportunity connect with other like-minded seniors. Whether you enjoy knitting, board games, card games, or even yoga, there are sure to be others living in residential care with similar likes who would be happy to spend time on the hobby together.


While this is not for everyone, finding volunteer opportunities is a great way to get out and meet a wide range of new people. Some of the best new friendships that seniors develop have emerged by meeting other seniors in volunteer roles, and working toward common goals and interests. There are many volunteer opportunities for Kamloops seniors, so try to find something that interests you.

Engaging with others helps to keep those feelings of loneliness or isolation at bay, and keep us healthier and more active. It can be difficult to connect with other seniors, but follow one of these tips and hopefully you can make new friendships and enjoy new interactions in 2020.

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