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As sure as Spring arrives each year, so to does the pollinating of plants and the inevitable allergies that follow. With the lush greenery of Kamloops, many of the seniors in senior living in Kamloops are affected by allergies.

Allergies are usually harmless, but they can include some uncomfortable and downright annoying symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, stuffy noses, itchy eyes, itchy nose, fatigue, and even aches and pains. In extreme cases, allergies may leave to more severe issues including sinus and respiratory infections. To help avoid this, here are some allergy tips for Kamloops seniors.

Avoid Pollen

Although impossible to completely avoid pollen, being proactive and diligent to avoid it when possible can go a long way. On those days when the Spring snow arrives and the pollen is blowing heavy, try to stay indoors and avoid exposing yourself. Also, make sure you keep the windows and doors to your suite closed to prevent unwanted intrusions into your home.

Avoid Pollen Inside

Even with your windows and doors closed, pollen will inevitably make its way into your living space. To help reduce its effect, consider investing in an air purifier. If you do, make sure you change the filter often, as a dirty filter makes the purifier ineffective. Also, keeping your space clean and tidy will help to remove pollen before it has a chance to annoy you.

Know your Allergies

The last tip is to know what irritates you, and what can help. Allergies are complicated, and not really understood. Some people react well to over the counter allergy medications, and others do not. Before trying allergy medication, make sure to talk to your doctor or pharmacist to make sure it will not interfere with any other medication you may be on.

Well everyone is different, by following the tips above you will most definitely find an improvement in your allergies, and avoid those nasty symptoms.


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