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For some seniors in Kamloops assisted living, it can become increasingly difficult to swallow food over time. This condition, called dysphagia, can be brought on by a number of previous or pre-existing conditions. Dysphagia is not only uncomfortable, but can put you at risk for aspiration (food or liquid entering the lungs). Special diets should be followed to help those in the assisted living community in Kamloops who suffer from dysphagia.

Special Diet Plan

Depending on the severity of dysphagia, a special diet plan may be recommended based on the assessment provided by a speech-language pathologist (SLP). Your SLP will work with you to determine the special diet that will best suite your current condition. You may be recommended to follow one of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics diet plans, which consists of 4 different levels of food.

Depending on the plan, you will need to prepare certain foods in specific ways. This may include blending or pureeing certain foods, or using thickeners to thicken up liquids which are too thin. You should also take care to follow certain guidelines while eating, including sitting straight up and not being distracted.

It is also possible while following these specialized diets that you may have difficulty consuming enough liquids. Dehydration can cause serious health problems, so special care must be taken to ensure adequate fluid intake. Make sure to talk to your health practitioner if you find you are not getting enough liquids.

Working together with your healthcare provider to create and follow a special diet will help to make swallowing and consuming enough food easier. Hamlets Westsyde will also be able to help make sure that your special dietary concerns are taken care of.

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