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You may constantly hear about all the drawbacks of aging, but not often do people focus in on the positives. One great advantage that seniors living in Kamloops have is that of the mighty seniors discounts. For the seniors community in Kamloops, there are several places you might take advantage of this.


If you require non-prescription items, then the Kipp-Mallery pharmacy might be worth a visit. These locations offer seniors a 10% discount on the last Wednesday of each month. Although it does not include prescriptions, it may be an excellent time to stock up on other essentials, at a reduced cost. Shoppers Drug Mart also offers discounts for seniors, usually on the last Thursday of each month.


Many restaurants around Kamloops offer a seniors menu or discount. One such place is Denny’s. Denny’s offers a 55+ menu, as well as occasionally offering further discounts to their senior visitors, such as 15% off from the entire menu on National Seniors Day. A&W, Subway and even McDonald’s all also offer perks and discounts for their senior visitors.


You may also benefit from savings on your grocery bill. Natures Fare in Kamloops offers Seniors Days on Wednesday and Thursdays, offering 5% off all regularly priced merchandise.

Entertainment & Shopping

Finally, loads of different entertainment and retailers offer discounts and perks to senior shoppers. Cineplex offers a seniors rate if you fancy going to the cinema. Loads of local thrift stores offer discounts to treasure seekers on certain days of the week or month. Even The Bay offers a 20% discount to seniors on the first Tuesday of each month.

If you have been reluctant to take advantage of your perks of a senior, now is the time to change that. With all the discounts and perks available for seniors living in Kamloops, time to get out there and save some money…by spending more!

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