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When the holiday season is in full swing, residents of senior living facilities sometimes end up with a seemingly endless stream of visitors. While guests are always welcome, and their visits are highly coveted – the holiday season can sometimes be overwhelming. Follow these great tips for ideas while planning visits during the Christmas season.

Bringing the Resident to a Celebration

In some cases, bringing your family member out of the senior living facility and to your home can provide a lovely change of scenery and an enjoyable break in the routine. It is best to ask the resident first before planning to take them out of their home – some residents may be anxious about leaving. If your loved one suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s, it may be a good idea to discuss with their health care team before taking them home with you.

Celebrating at the Facility

If you plan to bring the festivities to you loved one’s care home, try to schedule with other guests so that they are not receiving an unending stream of people – this can be very overwhelming. Try to take a low-key approach to celebrating in the facility. Here are some fun ideas that shouldn’t be too overstimulating:

  • Decorate their room together. Adding a few Christmassy touches to their room can help them to feel the festive spirit. Check with the facility before adding things like lights or scented products.
  • Ask for their help with wrapping gifts. This can be a fun activity to do together, and will give them a sense of purpose.
  • Join them for a holiday meal. Find out when their facility is having a special meal and spend some quality time with them while enjoying some great food.
  • Watch a Christmas movie together. This is a great, quiet activity that they are sure to enjoy with you.

Christmas time can be overwhelming. Make careful considerations regarding how to best celebrate with your elderly family members – follow these great tips to spread the holiday cheer this December.

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