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February 3, 2017

Choosing a location to retire in BC can be a difficult choice. The city of Vancouver with its scenic outlooks of the mountains and the ocean is ideal for many retirement locations. Vancouver and the surrounding areas in the lower mainland have a variety of options for recreational activities. The temperate climate is also very attractive to retirees.

The Okanagan also has a long list of benefits attractive to those looking to retire. Smaller cities such as Kamloops and Penticton have a variety of recreational activities, and just as many health care services, doctors and hospitals. While the winters are harsher than in the lower mainland, the summers are warm and full of sunshine. Getting around smaller cities is easier and there are a variety of events and activities accessible to seniors.

Finding the right retirement location also requires some thought about the location of your extended family. Generally speaking, most retiring seniors want to be close to family and friends for visits and to see grandchildren. If you are moving to senior care or assisted living, having family close by can make it easier for extra assistance or other needs such as transportation. Choosing a retirement location that isn’t remote but rather, in the proximity of extended family, can help you to make a final decision.

There will be many other factors involved in making decisions about finding a retirement location in BC. Always consider budget, lifestyle and proximity to activities, healthcare and loved ones when making this big life decision. The Hamlets at Westsyde in Kamloops provides residential care and an active, independent living community. Life in the Okanagan is plentiful and seniors with care or assisted living needs will enjoy the community where health and happiness is a priority.

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