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Yesterday was our Music for Memories fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society.

In the morning, 5 elementary schools signed up to sing for our seniors. They each had a 15-minute slot of time and they put on an amazing performance. Each group was asked to fundraise at their school and the teachers tied the project into their curriculum. The kids were so cute and so happy to be there and the music teachers just rocked it!

During this event, we raised:

  • $535 on our online site
  • $495 from schools and those who attended the event
  • $1000 from one resident’s family

That’s a total of $2030.90!

H&H Total Care has kindly offered to match this amount. Which means…

We’re donating $4061.80 to the Alzheimer’s Society of BC!

This is so amazing!

We also did a radio interview on Radio NL about this event:


Take a couple of minutes to listen to the very talented Morgan Andrew and Giorgia Lanzoni as they share their music on Radio NL. The two girls were recorded LIVE in studio!

Special thanks to Deandra Dey, Evan Dhalgren (DJ Evan), and Grant Porter for volunteering their time and energy to this great project. To all of our incredible singers who made this event so special – thank you! A big shout out to Morgan Andrew and Giorgia Lanzoni who entered in the teen portion of the event and brought down the house with their talent! Thank you to all who came out and made this event so special!

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