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As we age, many of us find ourselves taking required prescription medication. This gets more complicated if we’re taking several medications at different times during the day. Some medications are to be taken with food, and others without food. Anyone can feel overwhelmed and confused.

Long term care

If you are in any kind of residential care, certainly talk to the staff about your medication and any considerations. They may have some guidelines and ways that they manage the medications of residents.

Your pharmacist

Always feel free to talk to your pharmacist. Pharmacists are a wealth of information about side effects, dosages, and when and how to take medications. Over time you may develop a relationship with your pharmacist, and he or she will remember you and be very tuned in to your individual case and needs.


There are all types of organizers, small and large, you can buy to arrange your medication by morning, noon, night, or even by hour. Furthermore, your pharmacy can package your medication in sealed packaging to make the dispensing easier for you. This is one reason why it’s great to talk to your pharmacist.

Compounding pharmacies

Don’t like pills? Some pills can be made into a liquid or capsule form either by the manufacturer or a special “compounding” pharmacy. If there’s a problem, talk to you doctor and/or your pharmacist about it.

Managing your medication is an important consideration for everyone. And patient compliance—or taking your medicine—is an important factor in the management of disease. If you have any difficulties with your medication, never hesitate to ask for help, and never feel ashamed for asking for help.

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