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June 8, 2016

Many adults with kids or young adults still living at home, gather their families together by planning summer vacations every year. Including your senior family members, such as grandparents or extended family elders, can be a way to create meaningful and lasting summer vacation memories with the entire family. Encouraging the senior members of your family to be active with vacation activities, can be an benefit for everyone in the family.Experiencing lifelong dreams.

This may be the first time that the retired seniors in your life have had a chance to experience some of their travel dreams. Including them in your vacation plans, and creating a multi-generational journey can be a way to fulfill dreams for them that had not yet been realized.

Bonding a family’s multi-generations.

Renting a cottage for your family and taking advantage of some of the many activities available in Kamloops is a way to connect a family together. Including your loved ones in the planning of a summer vacation, can help bond adult family members with younger family members and relax away from the distractions of everyday life. It’s important for the emotional and mental well-being of a senior to feel like they are remaining part of the family now that they are in assisted living in Kamloops.

Finding joy in the details.

One thing about vacation plans is that it mixes up your everyday schedule – which can be a welcome benefit to a senior. Just like a working adult, being in assisted living means being part of a daily routine. Experiencing new scenery and adventures with the family can invigorate your senior family members, and provide joy for the entire family.

Quality time with the seniors in your life away from their residential care, can inspire each family member to participate in making new memories. If you are looking for local vacation ideas and inspiration visit Tourism Kamloops when planning your summer vacation.

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