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Whenever a person retires, someone will always comment that the lucky retiree needs to find a hobby. There is a common belief that, upon retirement, the person will be so bored that they need to find something to keep them busy. Most people laugh this off, but they shouldn’t. Hobbies are an important part of a senior’s life and something that everyone should participate in. Here are a few ways that hobbies can help seniors:

Stress Relief
A great way to relieve stress is by doing something you love. Focusing on a task that you enjoy can take your mind off bigger problems that you might be facing. Seniors who feel stressed about their health can ease those burdens by knitting or painting.

Fights Depression
A large problem for seniors is when they fall victim to depression. As seniors enter retirement homes, giving up everything they have known and their sense of independence, some of them to retreat to their suites and cut themselves off from the outside world. Participating in a social hobby can get them talking to new people and feeling better about themselves.

Cheers Seniors Up
Everyone, whether they’re in seniors housing or anywhere else, needs something to make them feel better. Enjoying a good hobby always makes people feel better, regardless of what it is. People are in a better mood doing something they love.

Better Memory
Many hobbies, such as reading or painting, can improve a person’s memory by stimulating the mind. They can also help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

At The Hamlets at Westsyde in Kamloops, we have many organized events and activities to provide our residents with hobbies, that will help them feel better, more motivated, and improve their social relationships. Our well-trained staff always encourage seniors to stay active, find hobbies that make their lives more fulfilling, and enjoy their retirement years.

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