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Last week, we held our annual ‘End of the Dog Days of Summer Doggy Fashion and Talent Show’ Fundraiser. Everyone had a great time! We even made a poster to showcase all of the precious pups:

Fundraiser: The End of the Dog Days of Summer

Keeping up with the theme, we held a “Hot Dog” fundraiser. This was a huge success, as we raised $155 for the Kamloops SPCA! Thank you so much to the generous residents and staff who participated in this event.

When we dropped off our donation, there were unfortunately no dogs to visit at that time. So we all cuddled with a litter of kittens, instead! Isn’t it ironic?

Fundraiser: The End of the Dog Days of Summer

Jerry, Ellen, Vera, Sheila & Andrea had a lot of fun dropping off the donation. How adorable are these little ones? We all wanted to take them home with us!

Summer’s not over just yet! We’re looking forward to more fun entertainment and events this August. Click here to view the full Recreation Calendar.

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