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Falls are far too common and can be extremely serious or even life-threatening for seniors. It is therefore imperative that fall prevention measures are taken for seniors living in seniors residences in Kamloops. Here are some fall prevention tips.

Wearing Proper Footwear

Make sure that you reduce your chance of falling by eliminating any personal hazards such as inappropriate footwear. Wearing a pair of anti slip shoes might help to reduce the risk of a fall should you step on a wet floor or sheet of ice.

Ensure Proper Lighting

To further reduce the risk of a fall, make sure that there is proper lighting at all times that you are up and moving. If you are getting up in the middle of the night, make sure there is a light switch or lamp that you can access before stepping out of your bed. Do not walk down a dimly lit hallway, as this could result in tripping on furniture or other hazards. Also, make sure if you have eye glasses that you wear them to insure your vision is not impaired.

Avoid Stairs

If you are not feeling sure footed, it may be wise to avoid stairs and instead use an elevator. Stairs are one of the most common places for seniors to fall on. All seniors residential community buildings should come equipped with functioning elevators, so take advantage of these.

Watch Where You’re Walking

Since falls are so common, you want to remove anything that could possibly lead to a trip and fall. Tack down or remove any area rugs. Ensure that electrical or telephone cords aren’t stretched across places where you usually walk. Make sure that steps have non-slip surfaces and that your floors aren’t covered in slippery wax.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous areas of a home, with all those slippery tiles. Use recommended bath aids, such as bath mats, safety bars, or even a safety seat. A walk-in bathtub might even be the best idea. At night, always leave a light on in the bathroom so that you can see what you’re doing when nature calls after midnight.

Be Aware of Medication or Alcohol Impairment

If you are starting a new medication, or enjoying an extra glass of wine, be extra cautious when walking around. Medications and alcohol can provide balance problems, which could lead to an unexpected fall.

Use a Cane or Walker

You may benefit also from using a cane or walker to help you maintain balance as you move around your seniors residence. These devices can give additional support and act as a safety net should you stumble or trip.

Fall prevention is a very serious issue. Make sure that you talk to your care provider and discuss the steps that you can further take to prevent an unnecessary fall. There are many options available for seniors to help reduce the risks of falling, and now is the time to take action.

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