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You’ve made the decision to move into a residential care home and you’ve chosen the perfect place. But what  is right for you? Here are a few tips to remember when you’re picking the right place to live.

1)    Size
How much space do you need? Some seniors are ready to downsize to a studio suite and only need a place for their A nice assisted living bedroombed, their TV, and a bookshelf. Others want a one bedroom suite so that they have more space and they want that separation between rooms.

2)    Budget
How much can you afford to spend? The reality is that the bigger the space, the more expensive it is. Are you ready to pay more money for more room or can you downsize to live within your means?

3)    Living alone or with someone?
If you’re moving in by yourself, a one bedroom suite would be enough. But are you still with your partner or do you have a roommate you want to live with? It might be better to have a two bedroom suite for more space and some privacy.

4)    Your own mobility
Be honest with yourself. How easy is it for you to move around in your home now? If you find it a challenge to get up and get to the bathroom, it may be a good idea to choose a floor plan where that room is close to every part of the room.

5)    Do you need a care bedroom?
Some residents in an assisted living facility need extra care from the nurses and staff members and the finest residential care homes in Kamloops offers them to seniors in need.

Choosing the right floor plan can be intimidating, but if you know what you want before you sit down with an advisor at a local residential care home, the decision can be made easily.

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