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July 29, 2016

If you are transitioning your aging parents to seniors housing in Kamloops, these are some tips to help them adjust to assisted living. Making a big change can be hard at first, but a senior’s home in Kamloops can be the best option for making your loved ones comfortable and socially engaged while accommodating their personal mobility needs.

Here are some ways you can transition your aging parents to an assisted living facility:

Review pamphlets and websites ahead of time so your parents have an idea of what to expect. The concept of assisted living may have a negative connotation, but dispelling concerns through photos and testimonials may help warm them up to the idea if they are initially resistant.

Arrange for a guided tour to let them see the facility for themselves, in person. It’s one thing to read about a place or to see photos, but it’s another to experience it firsthand. Take a look around together, share your impressions and discuss any concerns with staff and existing residents as you explore. Visiting a facility will give you a better sense of its culture and overall vibe.

Involve your parents in the decision making process as much as possible when considering their facility. If there are multiple options that meet their needs and available budget, take their preferences into consideration. Engage them actively in conversation and participate in weighing the pros and cons of the choices presented. Solutions reached collaboratively are easiest to buy into and will be embraced more readily and with more enthusiasm.

These handy tips should help your parents get used to their new environment in a supportive way. Transitioning aging parents can be challenging, but Kamloops assisted living options can be great for keeping your loved ones safe, happy and as independent as possible.

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