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The Hamlets at Westsyde offers residential care and amenities to provide seniors a place to live a happy and healthy life.

Our one and two bedroom suites are decorated for comfort and convenience, and can easily accommodate your personal possessions. We are committed to making your assisted living space feel like your home.

The transition, however, is not always a smooth one. You can expect your loved one to grieve their independence. Treating them with compassion and slowly easing them into the transition will help them adjust to their new settings.

We have compiled 6 ways to help your loved one make their assisted living space feel like home.

6 Essentials of Turning Your Assisted Living Space Into a Home

1. Bring Mementos and Cherished Belongings for Decorating

Pieces that bring comfort like favourite pieces of art, family photos and Christmas decorations.

2. Try to Incorporate a Favourite Piece of Furniture Into Their New Space

Such pieces could include Grandmas hutch or better yet, her favourite chair.

3. Make it a Fresh Start

New items, like a flat screen TV or sofa, may help make the transition to a new space feel fresh.

Make Your Assisted Living Space a Home 3

4. Bring Pillows and Bedspreads that Feel Familiar

Most of us struggle with sleep in a new place. Having the comfort of their own bedding helps alleviate anxiety allowing them to relax, therefore, having a more restful sleep.

Make Your Assisted Living Space a Home 5

5. Time to Get Connected

Providing an Ipod or mobile device may be a great way to help them stay connected with loved ones.Make Your Assisted Living Space a Home 6

6. Make Room for Friends

Add seating for visitors and keep their cupboards well stocked with teas and treats that they can offer to guest and new friends.

At the Hamlets at Westsyde in Kamloops, our staff is committed to offering comfort and care while your elders make the transition to assisted living.

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