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June 28, 2016

The Hamlets at Westsyde in Kamloops offer residential care and amenities to provide seniors a place to live a happy and healthy life. Our one and two bedroom suites are decorated for comfort and convenience, and can easily accommodate your personal possessions. We are committed to making your assisted living space feel like your home.

Ways to make a residential care space feel like Home.

  1. Bring momentos and cherished belongings for decorating, like favourite pieces of framed art and Christmas decorations
  2. Bring pillows and bedspreads that feel familiar
  3. Shelving and cabinets that can store photos albums and other treasures should be considered
  4. New items like a flat screened TV or sofa may help make the transition to a new space feel fresh
  5. Adding seating for visitors as well as glasses or treats that they can offer to guests and new friends
  6. If you can, store some of their personal items offsite so that you can rotate them if necessary
  7. If there is a favourite piece of furniture like a chair or hutch, try to incorporate it into their new space
  8. Incorporate their hobbies into the space like bringing a sound system for music or shelving for plants
  9. Providing an Ipad or mobile device may be a great way to help them keep in touch with loved ones
  10. Referring to their new space as home can help to ease the transition

You can expect your loved one to grieve the loss of their independence and possessions as they move into a residential care facility. Treating them with compassion and slowly easing them into the transition will help them adjust to their new setting. At the Hamlets at Westsyde in Kamloops, our staff is committed to offering comfort and care while your elders make the transition to assisted living.

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